Buying Tips

Budget & Quality - Let’s talk common sense here. No one has an unlimited budget and everyone wants the best quality for the price. If you go to a big box store you almost always get the lowest possible price, but you will also almost always get the lower end of quality. At Forever Wicker we only carry top quality products. Our best possible price will be clearly marked on all of our product pages. We carry a wide variety of brands with a large range of prices, but we never carry a product that is not manufactured to the highest quality standards. 

Indoor & Outdoor -  One thing to keep in mind is where your new furniture is going to live. If your furniture is going to be in a protected area, like inside of your house or sunroom, you will be able to choose products that are made of organic and natural materials. If your furniture is going to be stored and used outdoors, you are going to want to stick with products that use synthetic materials and resins. As with anything in life, the more you care for your products the longer they will last.

How much space do you have? - The old saying “measure twice, cut once” definitely applies to buying furniture for both indoor and outdoor use. Do not order an elegant five piece wicker patio sofa without first making sure you have the room on your deck or patio. Once you have the dimensions of the product you are looking to purchase, measure out the area and use pillows or towels to mock up your layout. Be sure and give your measurements a couple of extra inches around your mock up. That way you’ll know with confidence that your product will fit. Feel free to contact us at Forever Wicker if you have any questions regarding the size or layout of your new furniture. 

Complement your lifestyle - You will be the one who ultimately determines how your wicker furniture is used. Think about how you live and what purpose the furniture will serve. If you will be hosting many people at outside gatherings, your decisions will be different than if it will be used just for your family. If kids or pets are going to be using the furniture, that is another consideration. 


We at Forever Wicker are always available to answer questions. Feel free to drop us a line or give us a call.