The Products of Gensun

The Products of Gensun

Gensun is a popular, modern outdoor furniture brand ready to help you create the space you want. In recent years, Gensun’s lines have won numerous awards from international organizations, and the company’s furniture is perfect for transforming an outdoor space.


Gensun specializes in detailed products that are truly functional. Towards that end, you can see the quality in everything from extruded aluminum to wicker to the cushions Gensun sells. It’s even evident in how they construct with the materials.

In particular, Gensun advertises its cast aluminum furniture as the ideal solution for your outdoor space. The material combines strength, durability, and the possibility for intricate details into functional pieces of furniture that add to the area they’re in.

Another example of Gensun’s materials is the eight-step process used to apply a powder coat of paint. This system works in multiple colors and often employs an additional layer overtop to mimic an antiqued look perfect for many spaces.


Gensun is often heralded as a modern outdoor furniture designer. However, the company’s styles vary from timeless to transitional, meaning you have a broad range to choose from. As such, Gensun pieces can work for almost any space.

Every year, the Gensun catalog features a new and exciting collection that compliments the history of the brand. These collections offer exceptional options for outdoor furniture and kitchen users

Gensun collections are carefully curated so that it’s easy for consumers to buy for an entire outdoor space. However, the designs are often consistent enough that you could mix and match the furniture to create a truly unique look without sacrificing quality.


The International Casual Furnishings Association (ICFA) is an industry group that offers awards each year for design and excellence. This group focuses on the North American market and produces several industry-recognized resources, such as Casual Living.

Gensun first won an award from ICFA in 2010 in the best manufacturer of cast aluminum. The company repeated the feat with back-to-back wins in 2014 and 2015. The company also made the list of top ten manufacturers in 2017.

Most recently is Gensun’s award in design excellence in 2021. This award focuses on specific products, and Gensun Jayne Daybed won in the chaise lounge category. This award focuses on multiple factors, ranging from manufacturing quality to the color.


Gensun prides itself on caring for customers throughout their outdoor furniture ownership experience. The company is easy to contact and provides multiple avenues to ensure furniture owners are heard so the Gensun team can help remedy problems.

The company also provides warranties on its furniture. The residential and commercial warranty are both straightforward to better protect customers like you. In addition, Gensun has an excellent reputation for making it right if something happens during the warranty period.

Gensun products are also designed for easy care and maintenance. The company recommends checking hardware regularly and routine cleaning. However, it’s nothing complicated or that you may not already have at home.

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