Outdoor Furniture Materials That Pair Well with Wicker

Outdoor Furniture Materials That Pair Well with Wicker

Mixing and matching outdoor furniture materials creates a layered look. These pairings add depth and visual appeal with your wicker furniture. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a big piece of furniture to make your space perfect.


Aluminum adds a modern hint to your outdoor furniture, especially when paired with wicker. This outdoor furniture combination works well in enclosed spaces since aluminum is light enough that a strong wind can carry it off.

Suggestions: A chair or coffee table


Teak is a dense wood valued for its water-resistant properties. Pairing teak and wicker in an outdoor furniture arrangement creates a stunning monochromatic setting. The final effect looks sophisticated in your space, no matter how big it is.

Suggestions: A dining or side table


Smooth fabrics are also an excellent outdoor furniture material with wicker. The smooth fabric creates contrast with the intricate wicker weaving. Plus, you’ll enjoy the soft seat of a cushion on the wicker. Make sure you choose something weather-resistant if you do not intend to cover the furniture.

Suggestions: Cushions or blankets

Stainless Steel

Steel is heavy, so make sure you place this piece where you want it to stay. Stainless steel provides a contrast to the natural look of the wicker. Pairing a single steel element with outdoor wicker furniture typically supplies the right balance of materials for this pairing.

Suggestions: Tables or sofa frames


Clay can become any number of shapes and colors. Terra cotta specifically is a great material for outdoor furniture arrangements. The rich red color tends to make a contrasting statement to the wicker, especially if you use it to add some greenery to your outdoor furniture area.

Suggestions: Pots and planters


Glass is another modern material that stands up to the outdoor element and looks fantastic with wicker. The feeling of space that glass brings to an outdoor furniture arrangement is unparalleled. This space is what creates the great contrast with the tightly woven wicker.

Suggestions: Tabletops or accessories


Cedar is one of the many water-resistant kinds of wood available, and it starts as a rich red hue that is a statement piece on its own. Cedar is also a suitable materials candidate if you intend to DIY your furniture since it’s a softer wood.

Suggestions: Chairs or tables


Cypress is native to the Southeastern United States. It is naturally a naturally water-resistant material choice for outdoor furniture. Its knot-free grain provides a smooth contrast to the texture present in wicker furniture.

Suggestions: Chairs or tables

Black Locust

Black Locust is a dense wood and, as such, offers natural water-resistance. It starts as a darker brown but does fade in sunlight to compliment outdoor wicker furniture quickly. This outdoor furniture pairing looks good regardless of where the Black Locust is in its fading.

Suggestions: Chairs or tables