Matching Wicker Furniture to Your Existing Patio Setup

Matching Wicker Furniture to Your Existing Patio Setup

Wicker furniture is an excellent addition to most of your spaces, whether they’re indoor or outdoor. However, adding something to it can seem daunting if you have an existing space. You don’t want to clutter your space, but you know it needs something more.

Considerations When Adding Wicker Furniture

Adding wicker furniture to a space is often a great option to change the entire feel. Generally, wicker is associated with relaxation, time on the islands, or traditional intricate weaves. However, it would be best if you considered several factors before making a purchase.


Unfortunately, it’s easy to overcrowd an outdoor space with furniture. Before you consider adding something else, you should look at where you would place the item, how the new walkway flow would work, and where you would store the piece if necessary.

Marking out the area you want to place your wicker addition with painter’s tape is a fantastic option to visualize how the updated space will flow.


Another consideration you will need to work out is whether you want the wicker furniture to match your existing furniture style or stand apart from it. This preference determines the collections you shop for and the material of wicker you want.

If you want the new piece to stand out, consider selecting an alternate style. For example, using natural wicker softens the appearance of a metal outdoor furniture set, even if it’s a single chair placed in the corner of the patio.


Color is another important choice, especially if you’re getting your outdoor wicker furniture from a different designer than your original pieces. However, matching colors can prove tricky, so you may want to choose a different shade altogether deliberately.

While wicker is available in numerous colors, natural tones often have the greatest impact on the feel of your porch or patio space.

Outdoor Conditions

You should also consider your new outdoor wicker furniture, particularly when selecting the new material. As there are five commonly available wicker materials and more being added, you want one that suits the conditions near your home.

For example, if you often have sudden rain showers, you may decide on a resin wicker piece rather than a natural one. This recommendation differs significantly if your wicker will be in a protected area.

Best Wicker Furniture Pieces to Change Your Space’s Look

With wicker, a little can go a long way. The overall effect will depend on your existing furniture styles, however. If you already have wicker pieces, the change will appear subtle in most cases. Meanwhile, adding wicker to a metal furniture set can change the vibe to chic.

If you are unsure about your specific space, consider starting small. Something as simple as a wicker side table or ottoman can transform your space without the investment of a larger piece and provide a glimpse into what your completed additions may look like.

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