How to Change Wicker Furniture to Suit Your Personality

How to Change Wicker Furniture to Suit Your Personality

Wicker furniture is versatile, but often it’s only available in a few colors. Fortunately, it’s easy to change wicker furniture to suit your personality. You need a little time and a few materials to make the swap and start enjoying wicker.

Preparing to Change Wicker Furniture

Before you can change your wicker furniture, it needs to be clean. Otherwise, whatever changes you make will deteriorate quickly. All you need to do is vacuum the wicker furniture with a brush attachment and remove any stains with oil-based soap.

While you’re preparing the furniture, make sure you confirm whether you are working with a natural material or the polyurethane wicker varieties. These require slightly different treatments for some of the processes you’re about to read.

Painted Wicker

Painting wicker furniture is one of the fastest changes you can make to it. Typically, once the piece is clean, you can use spray paint. If you want to make sure the new color lasts, consider priming the wicker furniture before adding color.

You can also do this to the resin variety of wicker. You’ll need to use a bonding primer before adding color to your wicker furniture. You can get this in a spray can as well for easy application.

Stained Wicker

Wicker furniture made with natural materials also takes the same stains wood does. You can pick up oil-based wood stains at your local home improvement store. Then you simply clean the wicker and apply the stain. Make sure you let the stain dry, or you will have color on your clothes instead of the wicker furniture.

Gel Staining Wicker

Gel staining sits on top of the wicker rather than entering the material like traditional stain. The process is still clean the wicker and apply the stain. The useful feature of gel stain is that any texture on your wicker furniture should still be clear.

Adding Pieces

The area surrounding your wicker piece does affect how you perceive it. You can add and remove things from the surrounding area to bring them more in line with your personality. You may discover you do not need to change the wicker at all.


Restoring a wicker furniture piece is another option to change the look. This process often involves deep cleaning the wicker and moving any pieces that have fallen out of place. You can also take the piece to a wicker furniture professional.

Swap the Cushions

Color has an enormous impact on your wicker furniture. You can therefore swap the pillow out for something that suits your preferred color palate. This choice is often an easy fix since wicker furniture works with almost any color.

Rearrange your Space

Sometimes, it’s not the wicker furniture at all that needs to change. Your needs may have changed, and that’s why the space no longer works for you. Try moving your wicker and the surrounding pieces into a new configuration.