How to Buy the Right Wicker Furniture

How to Buy the Right Wicker Furniture

Careful consideration can help you buy the right wicker furniture for you and your space. However, with so many places with wicker furniture for sale in many styles, it can get confusing quickly.

Intended Area Use

The significant consideration when buying wicker furniture is what you intend to use it for. You need to determine if you are finding wicker furniture for a seating area, a dining area, a kids’ hangout, a reading nook, your living room, or any number of other spaces.

Elemental Exposure

Different types of wicker are suited for varying levels of elemental exposure. Buying natural wicker furniture means you must keep it out of the sun and rain. Meanwhile, resin wicker furniture is much more durable but not as flexible.

While covering wicker furniture can mitigate some factors like sun fading, it cannot prevent them all. You do need to measure where the sunlight will be and whether your furniture will get wet. Otherwise, it’s a mold problem waiting to happen.


Before looking for wicker furniture for sale, measuring is essential. Every piece has dimensions, and you do not want to overcrowd your space. You can measure your distances relatively easily. Then, consider marking out the furniture you’re considering for fit.

Many places with wicker furniture for sale do offer visualization tools as well. You can even plan on them without committing to buying from that source.


Wicker is not actually a material. Instead, it’s a method of weaving that’s been around for thousands of years. You can find wicker made with many long, flexible types of grass, including bamboo. If you have a preference, that influences where you can buy wicker furniture.


Design is another common factor you’ll need to consider before finding wicker furniture for sale. Simple weaves are common and are the standard for wicker. However, if you’re interested in some of the beautiful decorative weaves, you may need to shop around a little more.

Consider the Arrangement

In addition to how you want to use your space, you’ll need to consider the arrangement. Often, if everything you want is part of a bundle, you can save money. If you’re not sure, you can still add pieces slowly, so you do not end up with an overstuffed space.

The Price Tradeoff

Wicker furniture for sale varies drastically in price. You can pick up some cheap stuff at the home improvement store, or you can invest tens of thousands of dollars in quality furniture. Most people prefer somewhere in the middle.

Confirm the Quality

If you’re shopping in person, you can check for ends sticking out of the weave and pieces that do not feel solid. These indicate that the weaving was not done by an expert craftsperson. If you’re shopping online, see if you can find anything about how the furniture was made.