Arranging Wicker Furniture on a Patio

Arranging Wicker Furniture on a Patio

Setting up a patio is exciting, and you’re undoubtedly excited to enjoy the great outdoors with wicker furniture. There are several considerations you should account for before setting up your wicker patio furniture set and doing so will reward you with an idyllic space.

Measure Before Buying Wicker Patio Furniture

Before you buy, measure out your space. If you plan to order, consider doing a mock layout on your patio before the wicker furniture arrives. You have the furniture’s dimensions, and you can lay it out with markers like playing cards at each corner.

Checking your potential wicker patio furniture or dining set even before you buy lets you get a feel for the final look. It also tells you if you need to adjust a placement or find a home for an extra chair.

Account for Walkways

Walkways let you get onto your wicker patio furniture, and often people make them too narrow. Snaking through your patio with a drink is not relaxing, and your guests feel the same. Make sure your layout includes paths that are at least as wide as your hips.

Protect the Wicker Patio Furniture

Wicker patio furniture needs a degree of protection, regardless of whether it’s a chair or a full dining set. Wicker does not do well when exposed to water and fades quickly in direct sunlight. Consider moving the wicker further into the patio or ensuring it stays covered when not in use.

Restraint is Key

It’s tempting to get one more piece of wicker furniture than you need for your patio seating or dining set. It’s best to resist that urge. You should see how your wicker furniture seating or dining area looks before adding that extra ottoman or coffee table.

Accessorize Your Wicker Furniture Sets

Pillows are a benefit of wicker patio furniture. They serve the dual purpose of comfort for you and protecting the wicker weave. You can even swap out the pillows to change the entire feel of your patio space.

Accessorizing the general area is also a great idea to pair with your wicker patio furniture. You can add a statement vase on the floor, a centerpiece for the coffee table, or an outdoor rug. All of these elements help tie your space together.

Find the Light

Understanding where your light sources are is also an essential step for arranging your wicker patio furniture set. After all, you want to use it for guests. It’s not as pleasant if the nearest light is 20 feet away from your wicker patio dining set.

Where Do the Drinks Go?

Another critical consideration is where you plan to set things down, like glasses that drip moisture and can damage the wicker. Most people place small tables or coffee tables to handle this since you may find bending to get things off the ground bothersome.