5 Benefits of Resin Wicker Furniture

5 Benefits of Resin Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture goes back over 5000 years, and it typically used natural materials like reeds. However, natural materials may not be your best option anymore. Resin or all-weather wicker offers many outstanding benefits

What is Resin Wicker?

Wicker itself is a style of weaving. Meanwhile, resin refers to a category of materials of synthetic origin like PVC or HDPE. Resin wicker is an engineered material designed for the environments where people prefer wicker, the patio and the backyard.

These days, HDPE is among the most popular choices. HDPE stands for high density polyethylene, and it’s a petroleum product. It’s incredibly versatile and recyclable at the end of its useful life.

Durability of Resin Wicker

Well-made resin wicker furniture is more durable than its natural counterpart. Typically, this wicker furniture does not break down as quickly over time since there are fewer weaknesses on the surface.

While it is durable, resin wicker furniture is also lightweight and easy to store. You could move in indoors and outdoors every day without worrying about where you’re grabbing the piece. If you did that with a natural material, you might tear it.

Fade Resistance of All-Weather Wicker

Sunlight fades every material left out in it. With natural wicker furniture, the fading process is relatively quick. By choosing resin, you are selecting a fade-resistant material that can last longer without developing spots.

Resin wicker is specifically treated to resist sunlight damage. You can also amplify the protection with a UV sealant that you add as necessary. The resin wicker takes these measures better than natural wicker so that you can maintain the colors even on pool deck furniture.

Ease of Care for Resin Wicker

Resin wicker is much easier to care for than its natural counterpart. For one, you can get resin furniture wet with minimal risk of damage. That means you can easily hose it down at the end of the season and store it clean.

Resin wicker furniture also offers easier spot cleaning. Natural materials require specific cleaners whose use you must minimize to avoid damage if there is a spot stain. You can clean resin wicker with the dish soap on your counter.

Price Point of Resin Wicker

Traditionally, resin or all-weather wicker furniture is less expensive than natural materials. This difference is because resin wicker is easier to mass manufacture and ship. The materials are also less likely to become damaged in transit.

In general, plastic is also cheaper to refine than natural materials are to harvest. The natural materials also require a more delicate touch during the manufacturing process to prevent breakage.

Versatility of All Weather Wicker

All-weather and resin wicker furniture is versatile for both indoor and outdoor use. Resin is light enough to move around, durable enough to sit in the sun on a deck, and comes in more shapes than natural wicker in many cases.

While natural wicker may fit a particular aesthetic, resin wicker furniture works in many cases where wicker furniture would be otherwise impractical. So the next time you go furniture shopping for wicker, consider the resin alternative for a beautiful option.